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“I realized that intentions are never really manifested without help from others in our daily lives. I recalled the health care professionals who taught me the meaning of compassion and love during the final weeks of my mother’s life. As I watched the way they treated my mother I learned “what it looked like” to be more of a peaceful presence. I thought about the loving friends who signed up for my first group outside a school setting, supporting me as I began to create a circle of dreamers. “Continue Reading


“I believe our dreams form images and contain messages that point the way to the risks that our souls are calling us to make. They tell us when it is safe to risk, when we have prepared, studied or trained enough to make a jump. As we learn to listen to our dreams, we begin the process of waking up to our true gifts. And when we share our dreams with others in the right ways within the safety of a dream circle, we gain understanding, clarity of vision, and support for answering the soul’s call.”Continue Reading


“Perhaps as we begin the departure from the lovely autumn of our lives, we return to the pull of the stars, seeing them again through the child’s eye. And in that remembering, we truly understand the magic of childhood. Rilke wrote the following: ‘…oh longing for places that were not cherished enough in that fleeting hour. How I long to make good from far the forgotten gesture…’ What better gesture can a grandmother offer, than a remembered legacy of awe, and wonder. For it is through these things the gods touch our souls.”Continue Reading