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I thought about what courage really means for everyday heroes who go through life unrecognized.  They are the quiet ones who, day in and day out, serve their soul’s calling in seemingly small ways. In the end, they create a more empowered life for their loved ones and for their communities.


As in this mythic story, we all have experienced pain and loss throughout our lives, events and circumstances that caused us unbearable pain, and perhaps for a time turned our hearts to stone. The death of loved ones, a health crisis, family situations, relationship loss. I liked this backstory and its message. If we embrace the radiance of our hearts, and have gratitude for the gifts it holds for us and for our healing, even the pain of heartbreak, we will experience and express our true nature. And we will view reflections of that nature in the “Magic Mirror,” one that invokes light and love.


Do not underestimate the soft side of yourself, the vulnerable. And remember your passionate urge to create and recreate, your ability to jump over obstacles, to disguise what needs to be hidden and to escape situations that threaten your well-being. But most importantly, always remember your capacity to risk a great leap into the unknown.