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About Meredith Eastwood

An image of a sunset over a lake with silhouettes of tree branches in the foreground, and whole bare trees off to the left and on the horizon.

“Dreams and life experiences shape the tales I write and the groups I facilitate.”

Meredith Eastwood, MA, MS, is a veteran educator, author, speaker, dreamer, and nature photographer. She is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, The Society for Shamanic Practice, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and a graduate from the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming.

Maredith facilitates circles, classes, workshops, retreats and, confidential individual consultations, and helps students to discover the soulful voice of their dreams for activating the power of a conscious, creative life. She illuminates gateways to Nature’s feminine wisdom for healing ourselves, our communities and the planet.

Meredith’s techniques include, empathic conversation, narration/story, shamanic journeys, dream reentry/tracking, dream incubation, journal writing, creative expressions, accessing spirit helpers, and waking life engagement with the natural world. She honors the dreamer’s sovereignty over the meaning of their own dream, and most importantly, calls dreamers to embody their dreams with purposeful action that enriches life.  In addition to Meredith’s many achievements, she enjoys reading, camping, sea kayaking, hiking, wilderness travel, gardening, and learning about ancient civilizations and foreign cultures. 

Meredith’s first book Treasure Link: Adventures of a Hemingway Cat is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Her second book, Riverwood Hollow: A Place for Dreaming will be released in 2021.