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This blog post is about a dream that inspired me to open a box of old letters and photos belonging to my Great Grandmother Nella Seymour, my Grandmother Floi Tyler and my Mother Katharine Grey. After I recorded the dream in my journal and shared the dream with others using The Lightning Dreamwork Process, I determined what the dream meant for me. When I became the final authority of my dream, I experienced great joy bringing the results of its meaning into my waking life. Below I describe the way I worked through the dream and the things I learned after putting the Action Plan into place.Continue Reading


The world speaks to us with signs, symbols, messages, coincidences, and synchronicities. Active dreamers become aware of the gifts of magic in these special moments of awareness. Active Dreamers are choosers. They learn they are the final authorities of their own dreams, that dreams are more than symbols to be dissected and analyzed, and that the dreamer has the power to choose his/her attitude in any situation. Active Dreamers know they can change the dream of life, that thoughts, words and actions create and project their perception of reality. Continue Reading


After attending a dreaming retreat in the Adirondacks of Upper State New York this month, I returned home inspired by the talented men and women who had shared their gifts with open hearts. I began reflecting upon the lessons I’ve been learning through the practices of Active Dreaming, ones I often share with others in dream circles or express through my writing and photography. I realize that the study of dreams is a lifelong journey which requires disciplined journal keeping, in depth research, and connections with other dreamers.Continue Reading


Dreams are the fire of the imagination, a place where one finds the dragon that wakes us up to what is possible. On this adventure, I found that dragon, a blue one who discovered he has more than smoke left in his belly. And I tasted some Romanian soup for the body… and for the soul, a reminder that the light of our gifts will provide all that is needed for creating the best reality from our dreams. Continue Reading


As I’ve aged, I have thrown some soles away when they no longer served a purpose, and I have imagined other versions of myself in other times wearing different shoes. Most importantly, as I look back upon my life, I have tried to stay authentic to the Higher Self, recovering and honoring the parts of Soul that are the brightest parts of myself.Continue Reading


His family asked for donations to a fund for esophageal cancer research. That just did not seem enough for me. I chose to set aside a number of $100 bills to tip people that Sal would have enjoyed. I was not prepared for the joy that I received by giving a $100 tip. It has become quite addictive.Continue Reading


The magic of my relationship with my hawk has been like a tap on the shoulder, advising me to look closer at things, to dig deeper, to see beyond the obvious, to observe situations around me with a clearer focus and to view the world from a higher perspective without losing sight of important details. I purchased a child’s stuffed hawk as a reminder of the energetic qualities of the hawk’s vision. During my conversations with Apollo, he has helped me remember and reenter dreams.Continue Reading


As in this mythic story, we all have experienced pain and loss throughout our lives, events and circumstances that caused us unbearable pain, and perhaps for a time turned our hearts to stone. The death of loved ones, a health crisis, family situations, relationship loss. I liked this backstory and its message. If we embrace the radiance of our hearts, and have gratitude for the gifts it holds for us and for our healing, even the pain of heartbreak, we will experience and express our true nature. And we will view reflections of that nature in the “Magic Mirror,” one that invokes light and love.Continue Reading


However, curiosity got the best of me. I tore open the package and discovered a photo inside padded bubble wrap. I pulled out the photo and an attached letter. I read the letter first and then looked at the photo. When I returned to my car, grandma saw that something was wrong by the tears in my eyes and the raw expression of tender emotion reflected on my face. She noticed the photo and letter I clutched in my hands. Still stunned, I handed them to her.Continue Reading


Do not underestimate the soft side of yourself, the vulnerable. And remember your passionate urge to create and recreate, your ability to jump over obstacles, to disguise what needs to be hidden and to escape situations that threaten your well-being. But most importantly, always remember your capacity to risk a great leap into the unknown.Continue Reading