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  “The dream scene shifted. Felina appeared, her blue eyes gleaming. “Have faith and believe. Only noble cats with the purest of hearts can sense me. In time you will complete your journey. But the Hemingway House may not be your final destination in life.” — Felina, the angel cat, in Treasure Link.   Buffett, […]Continue Reading


During this year’s joyful Christmas with my precious family, I hoped my son would always feel his father’s love in his heart and that the boy in him would always remember it….just as my grandsons feel that love passed on to them.Continue Reading


I inhale the sweet scent of river water as I hear the call of the elusive blue heron that perches among the naked tree roots half submerged beneath the water near the shoreline. Continue Reading


When we approached one of the pools in the Oldfields Gardens near the Lilly House, Colton asked if I had a coin. “It’s a place to wish,” He said.  I told him that I didn’t have one, but that a person could make a wish with anything he might consider valuable, like a special stone. He ran off searching for that something special. It turned out to be a rose petal. Continue Reading


I was learning to “shift gears,” and “stand aside from my own experience, and examine it with a much better perspective.” When I let go and simply resonated with the essence of the mountain, expecting to see miraculous spirited beauty, Nature was all too willing to respond. My personal dreamer’s school lessons were found within the Soul of the Mountain. Continue Reading


As I’ve aged, I have thrown some soles away when they no longer served a purpose, and I have imagined other versions of myself in other times wearing different shoes. Most importantly, as I look back upon my life, I have tried to stay authentic to the Higher Self, recovering and honoring the parts of Soul that are the brightest parts of myself.Continue Reading


His family asked for donations to a fund for esophageal cancer research. That just did not seem enough for me. I chose to set aside a number of $100 bills to tip people that Sal would have enjoyed. I was not prepared for the joy that I received by giving a $100 tip. It has become quite addictive.Continue Reading


As in this mythic story, we all have experienced pain and loss throughout our lives, events and circumstances that caused us unbearable pain, and perhaps for a time turned our hearts to stone. The death of loved ones, a health crisis, family situations, relationship loss. I liked this backstory and its message. If we embrace the radiance of our hearts, and have gratitude for the gifts it holds for us and for our healing, even the pain of heartbreak, we will experience and express our true nature. And we will view reflections of that nature in the “Magic Mirror,” one that invokes light and love.Continue Reading


“I realized that intentions are never really manifested without help from others in our daily lives. I recalled the health care professionals who taught me the meaning of compassion and love during the final weeks of my mother’s life. As I watched the way they treated my mother I learned “what it looked like” to be more of a peaceful presence. I thought about the loving friends who signed up for my first group outside a school setting, supporting me as I began to create a circle of dreamers. “Continue Reading


“Perhaps as we begin the departure from the lovely autumn of our lives, we return to the pull of the stars, seeing them again through the child’s eye. And in that remembering, we truly understand the magic of childhood. Rilke wrote the following: ‘…oh longing for places that were not cherished enough in that fleeting hour. How I long to make good from far the forgotten gesture…’ What better gesture can a grandmother offer, than a remembered legacy of awe, and wonder. For it is through these things the gods touch our souls.”Continue Reading