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I am pondering how seeing a story with new eyes, a goddess or woman is able to change the story she is living.  Then the story itself can be transformed…Continue Reading


When a spirit animal shows up in a dream and then in waking life, it’s time to dig deeper into its symbolism, habits, myths and legends.Continue Reading


When the goddess releases her desires to what is the highest well-being of herself and others, she makes decisions that represent her highest values. And while her ego resists, her soul knows it must answer the call from its sacred source. For in the cave of the wise heart of the goddess is stored the deepest healing for both the hero and goddess, and the truest form of love. Continue Reading


Much of the hare story about the connection of Hares to the season of spring has its origin in Celtic mythology. It is a story that was absorbed into other cultures, religious traditions and rituals commonly celebrated around the time of the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere and associated with the Christian holiday honoring the resurrection of Christ.Continue Reading