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  “The dream scene shifted. Felina appeared, her blue eyes gleaming. “Have faith and believe. Only noble cats with the purest of hearts can sense me. In time you will complete your journey. But the Hemingway House may not be your final destination in life.” — Felina, the angel cat, in Treasure Link.   Buffett, […]Continue Reading


I told him about how Native Americans sometimes believed that a human could shapeshift into animals or birds. That they could adapt the qualities of a certain animal or bird for use in human life.  And that some tribes believed that one was born into a specific animal or bird clan. Continue Reading


I love to wake up slowly in the morning. Relaxing in meditation, I drift between sleep and wakefulness while I roam the state of consciousness known as the “hypnopompic” zone, a slice of time when images flash beneath the lids of my closed eyes.  Continue Reading


I thought about what courage really means for everyday heroes who go through life unrecognized.  They are the quiet ones who, day in and day out, serve their soul’s calling in seemingly small ways. In the end, they create a more empowered life for their loved ones and for their communities. Continue Reading


When we approached one of the pools in the Oldfields Gardens near the Lilly House, Colton asked if I had a coin. “It’s a place to wish,” He said.  I told him that I didn’t have one, but that a person could make a wish with anything he might consider valuable, like a special stone. He ran off searching for that something special. It turned out to be a rose petal. Continue Reading


My encounters with the hawk have been a tap on the shoulder, advising me to take a closer look at things, to see beyond the obvious, to observe situations around me with a clearer focus, and to view the world from a higher perspective without losing sight of important details. Continue Reading


I packed up my statue of Athena, a camera with two lenses and a shamanic drum for my part in their program. Two dear friends made the drive with me. After two days of heart-fed activities, soulful interactions and rich dream narratives, I returned home with a gorgeous red rose, a journal filled with notes, and precious connections to a circle of new friends. The following is a poetic expression that summarizes portions of my experience.Continue Reading


I add to Tom’s words. “The full force of love stands behind you, above you, below you and around you.” This is his gift to me from the other side of Death. But I know I still have an important assignment to complete for our son’s gift.Continue Reading


I experienced the companionship of loving friends and the sharing of dreams. I delighted in pristine Nature where the clear night sky is sprinkled with a glittery cosmos of stars, where wild birdsong greets the sunrise, where leaf-covered nature trails wind around a stunning blue lake, and where the unseen world is made visible again for those ready to see it. Continue Reading


Breaking the surface, I tear off my mask and gaze into the deep blue sky. I add air to my BCD, lean back and allow the salty sea to support me. Gazing at the moon on the far end of the horizon and the reflected light rays shining across the water, I ponder my place in life. Millions of stars flicker overhead, like skies of my childhood. An astronaut caught between worlds below and above, I murmur, “Nothing but the Universe and me.”Continue Reading