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I am pondering how seeing a story with new eyes, a goddess or woman is able to change the story she is living.  Then the story itself can be transformed…Continue Reading


I packed up my statue of Athena, a camera with two lenses and a shamanic drum for my part in their program. Two dear friends made the drive with me. After two days of heart-fed activities, soulful interactions and rich dream narratives, I returned home with a gorgeous red rose, a journal filled with notes, and precious connections to a circle of new friends. The following is a poetic expression that summarizes portions of my experience.Continue Reading


Much of the hare story about the connection of Hares to the season of spring has its origin in Celtic mythology. It is a story that was absorbed into other cultures, religious traditions and rituals commonly celebrated around the time of the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere and associated with the Christian holiday honoring the resurrection of Christ.Continue Reading


The magic of my relationship with my hawk has been like a tap on the shoulder, advising me to look closer at things, to dig deeper, to see beyond the obvious, to observe situations around me with a clearer focus and to view the world from a higher perspective without losing sight of important details. I purchased a child’s stuffed hawk as a reminder of the energetic qualities of the hawk’s vision. During my conversations with Apollo, he has helped me remember and reenter dreams.Continue Reading


Do not underestimate the soft side of yourself, the vulnerable. And remember your passionate urge to create and recreate, your ability to jump over obstacles, to disguise what needs to be hidden and to escape situations that threaten your well-being. But most importantly, always remember your capacity to risk a great leap into the unknown.Continue Reading