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Dream - Photo by Meredith Eastwood“It is not knowledge that draws me deeper into the path, but the longing to experience the undefinable, to catch a brief glimpse of those moments that touch me with profound joy—that change me forever—again.”

Meredith’s dream groups provide an opportunity to connect with others who enjoy sharing dreams and exploring how they can help you to live a more conscious life.

“Dreams help us to tap into the sources of healing and creativity, and guide us toward mindful choices in our waking lives. Through sharing dreams, their symbols, and themes we discover a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. By studying dreams we can craft better relationships and create more fulfilling careers. When given attention, dreams clarify the issues that face us on a daily basis.”

The breadth of Meredith’s training and experience makes her uniquely qualified to facilitate meaningful dream circles. Years spent as a teacher and educational counselor allowed her to develop her gifts as a group leader.  She studied  at the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming where she earned a Level 2 Certification.   Additionally her ancillary training as a Reiki master allows her to be present in the group in a way that activates an environment of peace, love, and well being.

“Navigating Your Dreams”
Dream Classes and Individual Consultations

“A traveler am I, and a navigator, and every day I discover a region within my soul” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Introduction to Active Dreaming – Individual Consultations

These one-on-one sessions with Meredith are specially designed to introduce the concepts of Active Dreaming.  Find out more about your dreams and learn how becoming more involved with your dreams can help transform your life.  Connect with Meredith to make an appointment, or to find out more information.

Welcome to Active Dreaming – 8 Session Series

Join with others in learning to navigate the world of dreams, and learn what your own dreams might be trying to tell you.  Using the “Lightning Dream Work Process” and concepts of Active Dreaming developed by Robert Moss, participants explore how dreams can help them follow the natural paths of intuition, imagination, and energy.  Learn how dreams, your gateway into a deeper reality, can provide guidance for situations in everyday life. Click here to go to the event calendar to find out when and where the next session is scheduled.


“One gift we can give one another is that of a dream shared. When we recall our dreams and tell their story to others in the right ways, we give them permission to dream and to record and tell their own dreams.”


A Dream about a Suitcase

This can’t possibly be my dream, the suitcase isn’t mine, I thought.

“But it belongs to someone, and what’s inside is really important,” I heard a voice say.

I wondered in my next breath if it is possible the suitcase was mine and belonged to someone else at the same time.

Still pondering the dream upon waking, I asked myself, “Do we ever dream another’s dream and attach ourselves to their belongings because we feel their pain or their love? Or because we long for their dream? Do we need to see the message carried in their suitcase? Or did we perhaps accidentally tap into their world during Dreamtime?”

Maybe it was my dream and my suitcase all along.


*Photo of the tiny dream book (created by artist Lori Lee Andrews), photo by Meredith Eastwood.