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Active Dreaming Urban Retreats (2019)

Shamanic Dreaming into the Chakras: Energetic Healing and Balance


Sheldon Shalley, Jennifer Foley, Meredith Eastwood, and Michelle Qureshi

Sunday, September 13, 2020

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Dreaming into Winter with Wellness Practices


Jennifer Foley, Meredith Eastwood, and Michelle Qureshi

Sunday, November 15, 2020

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2020 Monthly Dream Circle

Dreaming With the Ancient Greek Goddesses

Porch of the Maidens from the Athenian AcropolisPorch of the Maidens from the Athenian Acropolis (photo – Meredith Eastwood)

What:  A monthly circle of 8-9 participants who are committed to 10 intimate gatherings
When: 10 Sessions, March through December, 2020, 2nd Tuesday of Each Month, 6:45-9:15 pm
Venue: A Private Residence
Facilitators: Meredith Eastwood, Carol Paddock
Tuition: Love Offering, suggested 10.00 per session

Sips and Nibbles, Goddess Medicine Bag, Artistic Materials offered

Participants will:
• Explore Ancient Greek Mythology
• Highlight Archetypal Images and Personal symbols
• Illuminate the Power and Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine,
• Experience Shamanic Journeys and Rituals
• Journal, Share Dreams and Synchronicities
• Enjoy Artistic Expressions and Dream Theater
• Create Intentions for Activating the Inner Goddess in Everyday Life

Click here for a printable flyer which includes information on the texts which will be utilized in the series.


Dream Circles and Consultations

Navigating Your Dreams
Dream Circles, Classes, Consultations, and Workshops

Meredith also offers small group workshops and speaking engagements for clubs, book groups, churches, parties, organizations, and businesses.

Introduction to Active Dreaming – Individual Dream Consultations

Individual dream consultations with Meredith Eastwood are now being scheduled.  These one-on-one sessions are available by appointment only.  Specially designed to introduce the concepts of Active Dreaming, these sessions are a great way to find out more about how your dreams can help transform your life.  Connect with Meredith to make an appointment, or to find out more.