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The Gifts of Active Dreaming: Essential Information

The gifts of Active Dreaming call to us to tear away the wrappings of everything we thought we knew about dreaming.  They offer us expanded notions of what it means to be a dreamer, and challenge us to bring the energy of the dreamtime into waking reality. When we unwrap the gifts of “dreaming true,” we become conscious dreamers 24/7. 

When asked the question, “What is Active Dreaming?” I often pause, trying to determine where to begin to describe the comprehensive nature of its gifts. So I created a handout that summarizes essential information about its practices and principles. The following is a copy of that handout: 

Active Dreaming is an original synthesis of modern dream work, shamanism, some of our modern science understandings, and the heritage of spiritual traditions from around the world.  It was developed by Robert Moss, professor of ancient history, foreign journalist, independent scholar, dream teacher, and bestselling author with a dozen books on the subject of dreams.

Active Dreaming is a way to walk and talk our dreams, using the Lightning Dreamwork Process and other practices which include dream reentry and tracking. It is a way of shamanic lucid dreaming using drumming where participants journey through portals to access guidance for healing, creativity, innovation, insight, and problem solving. It is a way of conscious living.

The world speaks to us with signs, symbols, messages, coincidences, and synchronicities. Active dreamers become aware of the gifts of magic in these special moments of awareness. Active Dreamers are choosers. They learn they are the final authorities of their own dreams, that dreams are more than symbols to be dissected and analyzed, and that the dreamer has the power to choose his/her attitude in any situation. Active Dreamers know they can change the dream of life, that thoughts, words and actions create and project their perception of reality.

The following list is compiled from several Active Dreaming Books including Conscious Dreaming, Dreaming True, Dreamgates, Active Dreaming, Dreaming the Soul Back Home, The Dreamers Book of the Dead, The Three Only Things, and Dreamways of the Iroquois.

Active Dreaming is:

  • A process for dream sharing (Lightning Dreamwork Process)
  • A way to reenter a dream and to help others by tracking a dream reentry
  • A process for understanding and finding one’s essential story and soul purpose
  • A way to map the natural path of one’s energies
  • A method of shamanic lucid dreaming
  • A way to live life as a conscious dream (waking up to synchronicities, symbols, and the world in everyday life)
  • A way to understand precognitive dreams that enable one to clarify and/or change for a possible future
  • A way to dream with the departed and to assist the dying.
  • A way to connect with animal guardians, spiritual guides and teachers
  • A method of dreaming that helps diagnose and heal through visualizations and rehearsals for health challenges.
  • A way to locate and recover soul, to mend the divided self.
  • A way to better understand dreams through dream play and creations
  • A method for connecting with the creative source
  • A method for dreaming a vision for others (individuals, communities, planet)
  • A way to access past, future and parallel lives, and other realms of reality.

A single dream can change our lives for the better. No one would want to return that gift.


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