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Meredith Eastwood at a book signing with grandson, Colton.

Meredith Eastwood at a book signing with grandson, Colton.

Meredith is available for book signings, dream workshops, and speaking engagements.

For booking or interview requests, please contact Meredith using the contact form here.

Treasure Link review quotes:

“It sends a great message to kids (as well as adults)about making friends, treating each other as we’d like to be treated, and the importance of friends and family you can trust.”

“The author brings these critters alive with animated and humorous dialogue. Readers of all ages will end up rooting not just for Buffett but for all of the animals as they struggle to deal with their endangered habitats. This fanciful story may be told from a cat’s-eye perspective, but I think it’s one all kids will relate to and enjoy.”

“With classic themes and modern twists, Treasure Link is a great story for an older child to read on his or her own as well as for a parent to share with a younger child. I’m looking forward to more Buffett stories in the future…”



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Please direct all media inquiries to Meredith using the contact form located here.