Banyan Tree - Photo by Meredith Eastwood

At the beginning of the year I decided to work on my writing.

I signed up for an Artist’s Way class, for the third time in my life.

The process is very powerful, and revisiting it brings additional insights and reminders as I seek deeper access to the creative channel.

Last week I took another look at Julia Cameron’s description of “crazy makers” and how we become entangled within situations, patterns, and relationships.  These “crazy makers” distract us from the real work of expressing our gifts and they drain us of precious energy.

So last week, when I saw this Banyan tree next to the Key West Light House, I smiled at the metaphor of entanglement realizing once again when we detach, observe, and distance ourselves from that which disrupts the flow of love, we have more time, “light,” and energy for a truly creative life.