The Butterfly Effect - Photo by Meredith Eastwood

The Butterfly Effect Applied to Kindness

Yesterday Rev. Bob Uhlar talked about the Butterfly Effect, a concept that the smallest event on one side of the world has the potential to affect the other side of the world in a big way.

He showed a lovely clip from CBS News Chris Hartman’s “On The Road.” The story was about Christ Risati, a man with ALS who gave $50 each to two girls aged 13 and 10, telling them to do something kind. They used the money to help a village in Sierra Leone that had been working tirelessly to eliminate the threat of Ebola.

After the service I walked into the church gift shop and saw a huge “over sized” greeting card covered with butterflies. I was reminded of the butterflies that I photographed a couple weeks ago, and the essential part they play in our global ecosystems…and today I am still pondering the symbolic nature of my experiences.

Bumper Sticker: “Imagine the Kindness Storm from Millions of Butterflies.”