Choice on the Monon Trail, Photo by Meredith Eastwood

Pondering Choice on the Monon Trail

When I woke up yesterday, the first posts I saw on Facebook were about choices. So as I walked the Monon trail I thought about this concept.

No matter what path we walk in life we have choices. We make many choices every day. We choose how we see the world and how we treat people, those we care about and those we encounter more briefly along the way. We make choices to monitor our thoughts and to select charitable words in our speech. We decide what causes we will support, what diversions and hobbies we will engage in, what entertainment shows we will watch, and what books we will read. We make decisions about how we approach difficult situations and challenges in our lives, ones that can be painful or debilitating.

We choose each action we take.

Perhaps its not so much about the New Year’s resolutions we list, but rather about our intentions to make mindful choices from an open, loving heart on a daily basis. Choices that reflect what is good in ourselves, others, and in this world.

On the trail I heard three different bird calls in the light-splashed woods that surrounded me. I saw young squirrels scrambling around the trees, and heard them crunching on pieces of found food. I delighted in the clear blue sky and the air, fresh and crisp, and I remembered the sliver of a new moon that shone above the golden mist covering my tiny lake as the sun rose earlier that morning. Later that day I learned from a master teacher how the heart and brain are connected—and that every moment changes both—and was reminded that happiness is a choice.