Dragonflies and Parallel Lives - Photo by Meredith Eastwood

Dragonflies and Parallel Lives

Yesterday during a hike around “dragonfly lake,” I began thinking about vivid dreams in which I was still employed in two different schools, positions I dearly loved. I had awakened curious, wondering if I had accessed other lives where counterparts of myself still worked.

Suddenly a swarm of these dragonflies circled around me, some as large as small hummingbirds. For a moment in time, I imagined I was standing within a swirl of many parallel lives. As I lifted my camera, I had the notion that if I could capture a shot of a life I loved from another world in time or space, I could keep it solidly in this reality…much like a digital photo.

I recently read that the dragonfly, though its dance of light and color, reminds us about the greater dimensions of reality and teaches us the magic of traveling through portals to other worlds. Such a lovely thought…

(This is a Common White Tail Skimmer…so many different varieties this summer!)