Dream of the Dragonfly - Photo by Meredith Eastwood

The Dream of the Dragonfly

She begins her dream as a water bug in the mud of a community pond. One day she feels the urge to climb the stalk of a lily pad as she has seen others do. Up she slowly goes until she emerges above the surface of the water. She discovers a vibrant world of dazzling light and color, one she could never have imagined. The sun is warm and she falls into a dream within her dream.

When she wakes, she is no longer a water bug. Now she has four glistening wings and a long elegant tail. She is a dragonfly. She wants to go back and tell the others about moving between the worlds, but is unable to return to her previous home. Her transformed slender body is designed to soar in this new world. She raises her wings and flies to the flowers in the meadow with great joy. Yet she often returns to the pond and buzzes the lily pads, gazing into the depths of her previous life from a place of deeper knowing.

(Adapted from “The Story of the Dragonfly” as told in many versions.)

Photo taken near the White River.

PS. Mosquitoes Beware…You are the favorite snacks for Dragonflies.