Raccoon - Photo by Meredith Eastwood


Heavy rainfall, flash flood warnings…and the wet raccoon takes advantage of one break in the weather. I caught him sitting on a branch that bends to just the right height for nibbling on one of the suet cages in my backyard. The agility of this animal is remarkable. I’ve read that the raccoon’s paws are very dexterous. They can open doorknobs, lids and latches. According to Ted Andrews in Animal Speak, the word raccoon may have originated from the Algonquin Indian word “arckunem” meaning “hand scratcher.” That makes sense as I watch this one move its paws as through scratching when it steals the bird food. They are curious, courageous and sociable….but they can be surly and ferocious. I view this one as fiercely determined and adaptable, qualities I could embrace.