Sun on the White River - Photo by Meredith EastwoodHow often do we really experience the magic around us?

A few days ago I was sitting at the dining room table with my morning pages, checking Facebook now and then, scanning for ideas, when I happened to glance out the window that overlooks my small lake. I paused, realizing there was another dazzling day in store for central Indiana. As I gazed into the compelling scene, the sun’s gleaming rays flickered across the gentle roll of the water’s surface. Then, suddenly the radiant light burst alive, pulsing like thousands of bright blinking holiday lights— swelling as the autumn star followed its noon day path, until the entire lake was awash with quivering brilliance.

In the following days I searched for the rapture of light on my tiny lake, when elements of nature would come together in just the right combination. But alas, magic has its own place and timing.

Just yesterday, I got an encore next to the White River.