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The Book

Treasure Link Book CoverThese words of hers…

They float, yes, but still they root in the earth.  They are fanciful, yes, but they only carry you to the other side of what you know.

The world she sees and describes is not too far, but not so near as to be expected.

Her fanciful tales are carefully tucked around what is best in us— hope, courage, and love.

Her first children’s book, Treasure Link, Adventures of a Hemingway Cat, takes readers young and old on a hero’s journey.  Buffet, the seven-toed cat, sets off in search of his place in the world.  Along the way Buffet builds courage, learns about his identity, and discovers the true value of friendship.  Read more here.  The book is available from Amazon, as well as from other online retailers.  Click here to order.

The Blog


She studies dreams and teaches others to understand their own.  She has an eye for learning, and an eye for the moments that have value.  And she takes the time to share them with the rest of us on her blog.

She is a dream teacher, yes, so one might expect her writing to be about times and places where nothing is the same as this world we know.  But she writes about our shared experience, right here.  

Click here to read the blog, Meredith’s Mindful Moments.