Green grass in the foreground, trees that still have not budded, and rolling hills in the background

Soul Talk

“May I rise upon your divine wings, Speed me to wiser vision and greater love to illuminate Nature’s dreams in wild places.” – Meredith Eastwood (Gore Mountain, November, 2016)

Two times a year, Active Dreamers in my Soul Tribe gather together on Gore Mountain located in the Central Adirondacks north of Albany, New York. Dreamers travel from all over the globe for a weekend filled with dream sharing, journeys, hikes, poetry, theater, and music under the inspiring leadership of Robert Moss, master shaman, author, scholar, poet, and dramatist. The much anticipated events are held at Garnet Hill Lodge nestled among spectacular birches, near a garnet mine. The purpose of these events is best expressed in Robert’s words, “we deepen our practice and marriage of dream work and shamanism” as we seek ways “to change the body, to experience the world by telling a better story about it, to entertain lively spirits with fresh words, and to dream for others.”

During this past weekend, I experienced the companionship of loving friends and the sharing of dreams. I delighted in pristine Nature where the clear night sky is sprinkled with a glittery cosmos of stars, where wild birdsong greets the sunrise, where leaf-covered nature trails wind around a stunning blue lake, and where the unseen world is made visible again for those ready to see it.  I took to the trails with my camera hunting the spirit of the mountain…the elusive deer. I saw one emerging from a forest path after dark, yet could not capture its image, or ones of wild turkeys, harbingers of the approaching holiday. But I did manage a few photos of the snow storm that moved in early Sunday morning.

"Snow Storm" - Photo by Meredith Eastwood

“Snow Storm on Gore Mountain” – Photo by Meredith Eastwood

By the end of the weekend, I realized more powerfully that dreams fuel experiences of life.  And that we can choose to how to honor our dreams with actions that grow joy, gratitude and love. So during the gathering I collected images from my dreams, journeys and visions and created a poem. Magnificent scenery provided imaginings for Soul’s play.  Intentional journeys opened the heart’s thesaurus.  Deep connections with friends stoked a fire of inspiration.

From Dreams and Visons on Gore Mountain Autumn 2016

“Soul Talk”

I observe:
The lion’s mane growing thick, framing his face like a halo,
The tiger bounding across the mountain meadow, hungry for play.
The doe emerging from the birches as light crosses her path.
The singers enchanting the Dreamways and Journeyways
The malleable world hiding between sunset and sunrise.
The snow covering the canvas with a fresh picture,
The sleeper waking up to Immigrants in the basement,
The ancestors mending foundations in the cellar.
And the larger tribe from the future beneath those layers.
And I say, “Make room for them all.”

I ask:
“What’s important?”
Hair that won’t be controlled, times late to school,
Things people say, or gossip that doesn’t matter?
It’s the choices made
In the world when a deer prances on the liminal edge of a bowl of fire,
When the hawk becomes a constellation among the heavens.
And when a bigger dream is plucked for future’s sake.
And placed into a golden frame.
This by the child with a magical knowing.
And I say, “Make a place for Vision.”

I understand:
The world of form is an illusion.
We are luminous dreamers walking among shadow dancers;
Circus performers, clowns and caged animals,
Consuming sticky stuff served on plastic plates.
Yet we sing, laugh, tell stories and recite poetry.
So when I fall into Dark Times
I will search for the gate that’s open
And waltz with Nature’s wings, claws, and paws,
While holding hands with fellow dreamers,
And I say, “May the gates be closed to all who mean harm.”

I remember:
Where I came from. A place where…
Voices of love rise with the Sun and call to the Moon,
Dreamers create new worlds with poetry that connects us all.
Hands support with gentle shoves and hugs.
And from my Source in the roots of the Sky Tree,
Where Souls and Hearts are in alignment with the Stars.
And I say, the words of a wise one, “Don’t let your mind fall.
Life has its origin and purpose in the higher place.”



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