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During this year’s joyful Christmas with my precious family, I hoped my son would always feel his father’s love in his heart and that the boy in him would always remember it….just as my grandsons feel that love passed on to them.Continue Reading


I add to Tom’s words. “The full force of love stands behind you, above you, below you and around you.” This is his gift to me from the other side of Death. But I know I still have an important assignment to complete for our son’s gift.Continue Reading


During my visit I discovered there was no chart for navigating the fluid space between the world of a woman and the world of her childhood. I experienced an “active dream” journey one evening while eating in a Mediterranean restaurant that used to be a favorite drugstore in my childhood.

In one moment the nine- year-old-girl in the woman glimpses the drug store where she balanced atop a stool sipping a chocolate soda, counting her money, hoping for just enough to purchase a stuffed animal. Then, in a blink of an eye, she rests within the woman who sits firmly on a chair drinking wine and eating a Greek salad. The past lies on the edge of the woman’s vision, both worlds equally real.

In this moment of dreaming in the drugstore turned restaurant, the woman reclaimed the girl.Continue Reading


“Perhaps as we begin the departure from the lovely autumn of our lives, we return to the pull of the stars, seeing them again through the child’s eye. And in that remembering, we truly understand the magic of childhood. Rilke wrote the following: ‘…oh longing for places that were not cherished enough in that fleeting hour. How I long to make good from far the forgotten gesture…’ What better gesture can a grandmother offer, than a remembered legacy of awe, and wonder. For it is through these things the gods touch our souls.”Continue Reading