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During this year’s joyful Christmas with my precious family, I hoped my son would always feel his father’s love in his heart and that the boy in him would always remember it….just as my grandsons feel that love passed on to them.Continue Reading


When we approached one of the pools in the Oldfields Gardens near the Lilly House, Colton asked if I had a coin. “It’s a place to wish,” He said.  I told him that I didn’t have one, but that a person could make a wish with anything he might consider valuable, like a special stone. He ran off searching for that something special. It turned out to be a rose petal. Continue Reading


I add to Tom’s words. “The full force of love stands behind you, above you, below you and around you.” This is his gift to me from the other side of Death. But I know I still have an important assignment to complete for our son’s gift.Continue Reading


Breaking the surface, I tear off my mask and gaze into the deep blue sky. I add air to my BCD, lean back and allow the salty sea to support me. Gazing at the moon on the far end of the horizon and the reflected light rays shining across the water, I ponder my place in life. Millions of stars flicker overhead, like skies of my childhood. An astronaut caught between worlds below and above, I murmur, “Nothing but the Universe and me.”Continue Reading


This blog post is about a dream that inspired me to open a box of old letters and photos belonging to my Great Grandmother Nella Seymour, my Grandmother Floi Tyler and my Mother Katharine Grey. After I recorded the dream in my journal and shared the dream with others using The Lightning Dreamwork Process, I determined what the dream meant for me. When I became the final authority of my dream, I experienced great joy bringing the results of its meaning into my waking life. Below I describe the way I worked through the dream and the things I learned after putting the Action Plan into place.Continue Reading


Tom left a part of his heart etched in his perfect photo. He touched this image with more than the click of a camera…he touched it with his soul. He gave his family a legacy of his love. Kent grew up. He played the perfect tennis match and graduated from law school like his grandfather. And now he is a loving father to three sons of his own, doing the kinds of things he imagined his father would have done with him. Kent’s mother has a professional camera and takes pictures of those grandsons…trying to capture the perfect photograph. Continue Reading