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During this year’s joyful Christmas with my precious family, I hoped my son would always feel his father’s love in his heart and that the boy in him would always remember it….just as my grandsons feel that love passed on to them.Continue Reading


Most of all I remember the way my grandmother transformed ordinary encounters and daily experiences into magical occurrences, ones that later would feed my imagination for stories I would write. Of all these precious memories I still remember a pesky squirrel that climbed the screen door on the back porch hoping for a handout. My grandmother encouraged me to feed it, and as a result it became a daily visitor at her backdoor.Continue Reading


However, curiosity got the best of me. I tore open the package and discovered a photo inside padded bubble wrap. I pulled out the photo and an attached letter. I read the letter first and then looked at the photo. When I returned to my car, grandma saw that something was wrong by the tears in my eyes and the raw expression of tender emotion reflected on my face. She noticed the photo and letter I clutched in my hands. Still stunned, I handed them to her.Continue Reading


Tom left a part of his heart etched in his perfect photo. He touched this image with more than the click of a camera…he touched it with his soul. He gave his family a legacy of his love. Kent grew up. He played the perfect tennis match and graduated from law school like his grandfather. And now he is a loving father to three sons of his own, doing the kinds of things he imagined his father would have done with him. Kent’s mother has a professional camera and takes pictures of those grandsons…trying to capture the perfect photograph. Continue Reading